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Christmas Wish

Frost was glistening like jewels shining as though it was worth a million pounds. The
wind was whistling like a naughty child intermittently. Figures of people hustled
around to gather Christmas presents last minute. Their faces were full joy like sunshine
because of the air of Christmas was approaching. Kids unable to sleep, counting
the hours and pacing within houses. Chestnuts were roasting on the open fires, turkeys
defrosting and stockings being laid out in anticipation for Santa’s arrival.    Christina was inside near the warmth of the fire which glowed red and arose like a
phoenix from the ashes as it burned warming her up. She was eagerly waiting for
Peter’s call. The phone rang like the jingle of bells and her heart started to beat faster.
“Hello I miss you” he expressed.
“So do I. Been waiting for your call all day, are you going to come back for Christmas
Day?” she asked.
“I hope so... Works been crazy”. He sounded tired.
“Been missing you and I love you” her voice cracked as …
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No One at Christmas

No One at Christmas

Yellow, blue, green, white various colours of the rainbow flashing in rhythmic patterns to the jingle; We Wish You A Merry Christmas. Frost on the open ground glistening; people outside wrapped up warm, while frantically carrying bags of presents. Christmas decorations; trees, wreaths, mistletoe being displayed on the streets. Carolers visiting houses to get donations arrived at number 32 Granston Road, where Robert Stevenson lived.
Robert held his cane in his hand as he rocked to get up towards the door hobbling towards it, whilst opening it with the keychain leaving a small gap.
‘We are carolers from the local Salvation Army’. They remarked with a upbeat cheer. There was a group of about five people ranging from different ages dressed as elves.
‘Hello nice to meet you, I don’t get visitors much’ he said.
‘Would you like for us to sing to you?’ they asked.
‘I used to sing to my wife you know, this was a while back. She was into Frank Sinatra’s song Love Is A Many Spl…

walking through the forest

Squelch squelch as my shoes rubbed against the leaves on the ground as I zig zagged disorientated through the forest. I was never good at directions or navigating. I had engrossed myself with tracing a leaf onto a paper which I had now gone astray. It was the request of our teacher Mr Bailey to collect things from the forest so I had decided to get a leaf printed onto paper. I was never much of a naturist hardly Bear Grylls and the thought of collecting either tadpoles or insects brought a chill down me.
I had no idea where I was, all the trees were green and tall, facing upwards shielding me from the outside world. I could feel the sweat trickling down my back sticking to my school shirt, it was dirty with mud and green stains. I had slipped and grazed my arm which was red, had a sore throat from shouting ‘help’ several times and ripped my trousers with a hole. There was no one to hear me or see me in the forest but the trees, birds and insects. I just kept on going forwards I had no …

Patrick vs David

‘I can see the water underneath me. Whoops, ha ha, Patrick you are useless,’ said
‘Shut up! David, leave me alone,’ said Patrick, ‘stop talking, it is a continuous
buzzing,’ he screams internally within himself.
   David was always there, like a wasp stinging into his brain, the constant ‘chatter’ was
there. He wanted to switch it off but he could not.
‘Have you tried mindfulness?’ asked Professor Lofney, with his glasses that he wore at
end the of his long nose that looked like a twig. He crossed his legs and sat in the chair.
He looked like a regal King and had a touch of superiority with his tone that was
pretentious. Patrick winced at the word mindfulness, he had tried that but it never
Worked. It was the new craze that applied around a method to sit down, breathe,
concentrate on the here and now.
   David would not let him sit still, he would regularly interrupt him take him away from
the moment. David was mischievous like a naughty child, distracting and making Patrick
feel a…